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Career Job Hiring Philippines – 2023 Updates

About the job
Ensures the Chief Agency Officer and requesting Agency Department Heads have adequate information through timely reports and efficient administrative and logistical support to allow them effectively drive agency production and support operations

  1. Point person of the division to wellness and other employee engagement initiatives taking lead in organizing with Agency Department Heads and HR the participation of Agency employees to engagement and wellness activities and provide monthly report to the CAO/Agency Department Heads on the participation rate.

2.Monitor and track the division’s participation to Internal/External Training programs, Professional Examinations and prepare and submit quarterly report to the CAO and other requesting Agency Department Heads on training attendance and non-participation

3.Monitor and track the division’s completion to the online PLUK compliance refresher course and provide update to the CAO and communicate reminders to Agency Department Heads on the compliance completion of Agency employees

  1. Monitor and track the division’s completion on Performance Appraisals (Objective Setting, Mid-year Discussion, Yearend Discussion) and provide update to the CAO and communicate reminders to Agency Department Heads on the completion of Agency employees

5.Conduct research work on GA locations providing the CAO and requesting Agency Department Heads with economic, demographic, political and cultural information for use in business engagements and sales meetings with GA agents and prospective GA agents

6.Provide administrative and logistics support to Agency Department Heads, Point Persons and Committee Members during Agency events (SDs/Agency Heads’ Monthly Meeting, Agency Planning, Sales Kick-off, Annual Awards, Mid-year Convention, Learning Sessions, Wellness/Engagement Sessions, etc.) and prepare presentation materials such powerpoint slides, videos, handouts and other relevant data as needed.

7.Point person of the division on the submission of promotion requirements and documentations, working directly with Agency Department Heads in ensuring that all documents are complete and provide update to the CAO on the division’s completion status

8.Maintain and manage an organized file of the division’s production reports, activities, contests and other materials and correspondences for CAO reference

9.Plan and manage local and regional activities and schedules of the CAO including arranging travel and accommodation of the CAO and other requesting Agency Department Heads as well as preparing itineraries whenever is needed.

  1. Manage the petty cash of the Office of the CAO and prepare requests for materials, cash advances, payments, clearances and reimbursements.

11.Monitor and coordinate with various Agency departments in replenishing inventory of the Division’s office supplies and materials

  1. Ensure that all compliance matters are identified and openly and honestly reported to the Line Manager and/or Compliance Officer in accordance with the reporting requirements operated within the work unit and the Company
  2. Ensure adherence of the work unit with all relevant statutory, compliance, risk management and audit standards and requirements in carrying out their functions


Bachelor of Science degree, Business of related field.
Computer Literate, adept in MS applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and use of internet and email
Effective communication skills, Computer skills, File maintenance and Organization
3 years’ experience as administrative support

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