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About the job
What does the job do for the Company?

  1. Performs administrative support in appraisal, approval, and issuance of medical and non-medical applications within the authority limit across all product lines and distribution channels.
  2. Supply to the development of the next generation underwriting techniques and processes through AI and its various applications
  3. Participate in partnership activities to integrate UW processes when and where it is required.
  4. Establish customer-centric UW processes to improve customer experience
  5. Give to business development by incorporating modern analytics (statistics, data storytelling, data science, etc) to UW data.
  6. Adapt emerging technology /ies and innovations to continuously improve UW processes.
  7. Inter-department and cross-border collaboration activities through various techniques including face-to-face, digital, and human centered design thinking
  8. In the development of customer-centric New Business processes.
  9. Initiatives to embed modern data analytics in making UW a contributor to business development.
  10. Initiatives to adopt emerging technology/ies and innovations to modernize and progress UW techniques and processes.

Provides support to Sales and Agency by:

maintaining the turn-around time committed to sales force in underwriting of cases
attending to queries of agents regarding application status, underwriting requirements and decisions.
preparing and facilitate release of requirement and Underwriting decision memo
generating quotation proposals
conducting training and orientation regarding underwriting guidelines and workflow
updates application status on Life Asia system to bring up to date daily outstanding requirement report which are released to the Agency force.
Specialist 2 / Specialist 3- Advises and trains lower-level underwriters to aid in developing underwriting skills and promote uniformity in underwriting decisions.
Appraises policies that are subject for reinstatement / amendment referred for underwriting.
Conducts research on underwriting trends and practices to ensure updated underwriting practices of the Company and remain at par with the Top 5 in the industry.
Ensures reporting of impairment codes for substandard, postponed/ declined, and incomplete cases to MIB.
Participates in the regular review of outstanding applications for possible conversion of suspense account into APE
Participates in systems review and development to streamline underwriting processes.
Perform audit of underwriting decision from lay underwriters and system

Education/Professional Qualification:

Bachelor’s Degree (preferably with medical background)
Computer literate
Very good in oral and written communication
Possess good interpersonal skills
Passed LOMA 280, LOMA 290
Passed LOMA Underwriting course
Customer focused

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How to apply? Application procedure as follows:

#1 Prepare and ready your resume/CV. You can try online resume builder from the internet.

#2 Visit the career site or web page of the company and look for the available jobs posted.

#3 Submit resume and apply online via the HR department / company’s email for application purposes.

#4 Wait for the company’s response and follow up as necessary.

#5 Visit Philippine Careers website every day for more job postings from other companies.