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Vacancy Overview:
Responsible in the following functions such as Deposit Pick-up and Cash Delivery to/from Clients, Branches, and Cash Centers, including Off-site ATM Cash Loading and BSP Servicing.
Job Description

  1. Performs Deposit Pick-up and Cash Delivery Servicing
    a. Assists in assessing serviceability of location of client requiring the service; facilitates and submits Client Vicinity Assessment Form after the initial service is made;
    b. Picks-up and delivers cash only to authorized representative of client/branch/cash center;
    c. Ensures that cash picked-up from clients and branches tallies with transaction media (i.e. Deposit Slip, Summary of Client Servicing, Cash Account Slip, etc.);
    d. Ensures that all Validated Deposit Slips (VDS) are turned over to clients on the next pick-up schedule.
    e. Ensures complete turn-over of duffle and/or coin bags to clients/branches/cash centers.
  2. Performs BSP Deposit, Verification and Withdrawal
    a. Ensures complete identification and access to BSP are secured prior performing BSP transactions; observes updating of BSP access periodically;
    b. Retrieves and bundle counts pack of cash for deposit from cash center/servicing branch and places it in BSP deposit plastic/container; ensures marks of cash deposit type readied for actual depositing to BSP; acknowledges receipt of cash on transaction media;
    c. Receives and acknowledges transaction media from BSP for future reference on deposit verification;
    d. Serves as witness in actual cash deposit verification (detailed/piece-counting) in BSP;
    e. Receives and acknowledges cash deposit media for bank’s accounting and booking reference;
    f. Proceeds to BSP for actual retrieval of cash withdrawal upon instruction of cash center/servicing branch officer; ensures proof of BSP withdrawal is at hand;
  3. Performs Off-site ATM Cash Loading, Servicing and Troubleshooting
    a. Serves as main key and/or vault combination custodian (with dual control);
    b. Assists in cash preparation for ATM loading from cash center/servicing branch and places it in designated duffel bag and/or ATM cassettes per denomination;
    c. Ensures duffel bags and/or ATM cassettes are sealed under lock and keys;
    d. Proceeds to Off-site ATMs and performs cash loading and balancing together with Cash Center/BSU Team Head/Servicing Branch Officer;
    e. Ensures duffel bags, access keys and vault combination are secured while in transit
  4. Ensures that all duffel bags are in good condition and that free of tamper;
  5. Ensures completeness of transaction media and the actual cash picked up and/or delivered to/from client/branch/cash center, including Off-Site ATM and BSP servicing;
  6. Ensures that loaded duffel bags are kept inside the armored truck vault;
  7. Ensures that the armored truck vault combinations are engaged and remained locked while in transit;
  8. Ensures real time reporting of location with the use of bank issued communication device;
  9. Observes servicing time and travel time to/from client/branch/cash center/Offsite ATM/BSP;
  10. Timely submission of daily Trip Monitoring Sheet (TMS) report and ensures its completeness and accuracy;
  11. Prepares reports required by the cash center.
  12. Suggests process improvements and participates in the implementation to maintain effective and efficient operations
  13. Prepares Incident Report as needed.
  14. Participates with other units to maintain sustainability of operations. (e.g. Weekend/Holiday Servicing etc.)
  15. Attends to necessary training program to help address functional gaps
  16. Complies with internal and external policies and procedures.
  17. Ensures proper upkeep of unit’s premises and safekeeping of assigned office equipment
  18. Performs other task and related to function that may be assigned from time to time.
    -Service Quality
    -Process Efficiency
    Educational Attainment:
    Bachelors – Required
    Post-Graduate Degree – Preferred
    Training and Certification:
    Not applicable
    Work Schedule:
    Day Shift
    Employment Type
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